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Month: February 2021

Useful Guide in Buying the Right Casket

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Useful Guide in Buying the Right Casket

Selecting the best casket for your beloved one plays an integral part in the funeral arrangement. It reflects how you value and pay tribute to the deceased body. Whether you want to bury or do the cremation method, it’s vital to choose the right casket size, type, shape, and features that will look presentable in funeral visitation. In that case, Casket Mart provides you with a useful guide in buying the right casket.

What to consider when buying the right casket?

1. Choosing the type of caskets – The different casket types often vary from how it was constructed and the materials used. Choosing the best casket type can be a critical component in attaining a high-quality and cost-effective product. Wooden and metals are the most commonly used in the fabrication of caskets. We use quality hardwoods such as walnut and mahogany that are durable and versatile for wood caskets. Contrastingly for the metal caskets, we produce bronze, stainless steel, and copper.

Types of our Casket Mart products:

  • Wooden casket
  • Metal casket
  • Eco-friendly caskets

2. Picking the right size of a casket – Choose the right casket that will fit your loved one’s dead body. The casket size will depend on age, height, weight, and width measurement. A usual casket size is generally 28 inches wide, 84 inches long, and 23 inches tall. If the deceased body is more extensive than average, we recommend choosing an “oversize” casket.

Different casket sizes:

  • Infant casket size
  • Children casket size
  • Adult casket size
  • Oversize casket size

3. Selecting the casket shape – If you want to pick a customized shape rather than the standard rectangular shape, we can personalize the casket that will fit your need. Whether you want a square shape or rounded with contoured corners, our unique flexibility can do anything. We do respect your decision when it comes to choosing the right casket for your beloved ones.

4. Knowing the casket features – It is also essential to pick the intended caskets’ suitable features. As our valued customer, we will fulfill any casket customization you want to achieve for the sake of your loved one’s final tribute. We provide interior and exterior casket features as the following choices stated below:

  • Veneer coverings
  • Casket lids (half and full couch)
  • Casket lining material
  • Hidden memory drawers
  • Embroidered head panel
  • and other customizable feature

Helpful Tips Before Buying a casket

We understand the extreme grief and sorrow you feel when your dearest one passed away. You will probably be overwhelmed and may affect your purchasing decision. However, we will give you some useful tips to consider before buying the best casket in a casket store in Ontario for your beloved one.

  • Reflect on your beloved one’s final wishes.
  • Create an adequate budget for funeral arrangements.
  • Inhale and exhale. Take your time to choose.
  • Look for alternate casket providers.
  • Know the purchasing policy before you buy.
  • Feel free to ask inquiries from the providers.

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Casket store in Ontario

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