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Pros and Cons of Wooden Caskets

Pros and Cons of Wooden Caskets

Pros and Cons of Wooden Caskets

Planning a simple and modest funeral arrangement for your beloved ones may sound challenging. You need to settle a specific budget for funeral necessities such as candles, flowers, funeral homes, hearse rentals, funeral plots, foods, and beverages for your visitors, and especially for the caskets.

Types of hardwoods used in wood caskets

  • Mahogany hardwoods
  • Oak hardwoods
  • Maple hardwoods
  • Cherry hardwoods

The most ornately carved wooden caskets of their kind are Walnut, Mahogany, and Cherry hardwoods. Oak has acclaimed grain structures and is one of the numerous families’ favorites, while maple wood caskets have a great deal of durable and firm quality.

How long does a wooden casket last?

Time and elements play an essential role in decomposing dead human bodies and caskets as well. If the wooden caskets were placed inside the large concrete burial vaults, it would be estimated to last for 50 to 100 years depending on the hardwood materials used, water-resistant quality, soil condition, and moisture level inside the vaults. On the other hand, wood caskets without burial vaults will probably last a much shorter time.

What is the best type of casket to buy?

The oldest renewable resource known and widely used in funeral homes is wood caskets. Traditionally, it’s the long-standing material used in fabricating caskets. Until this modern generation, people mostly rely on buying wooden caskets rather than metallic ones.

What are the pros of buying wooden caskets?

Aesthetic appeal

Every hand-made reclaimed wooden casket does have its own special sleek design. It is available in various kinds, and its originated wood family species with synthetic tranquility and magnificence. Crepe and velvet are typically the internal fabric of a wood casket. You can fully customize the wood caskets depending on the preferred shape and sizes, usually categorized in common, standard, and premium casket.

Affordability factors

Our wood caskets more expensive? In fact, the comparative usual price of a wooden casket varies according to the specific hardwood type being used to fabricate it. Overall, the costs range between $950 to $1,500. Pine-manufactured caskets are much lower in price, while caskets are more expensive when wood caskets are made of cherry, maple, oak, or walnut.

What are the cons of buying wooden caskets?

Prone to deforestation is a primary concern when it comes to an environmental issue. A lot of trees in forests are being cut for manufacturing wooden caskets is the sole downside. However, most people who really want to purchase wooden caskets view it as not a big deal as the trees were taken down for material used in fabricating wood caskets can be easily planted for replacing the new one.

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