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We offer free shipping on all caskets ordered within the regions of Ontario we serve. We also provide a complimentary garment bag for your loved one’s clothing.

Benefits of Buying Metal Caskets

Benefits of Buying Metal Caskets

As worldwide economies merge, understand that top-notch items are being made around the globe. With a focus on banding together with the world’s best manufacturers, we have offered superior quality at prices that remain competitive worldwide. The actual caskets made by Casket Mart are legal and passed the quality testing of the creators.  

A companion or adored one has recently sat back, and you aim to organize a presentable funeral for viewing. It would be best to buy a quality metal casket to let your cherished one go, yet you likewise need reasonable estimating. You may have seen that the memorial service home has given you a separate rundown of coffin alternatives, and the costs appear to be somewhat distant.

Memorial service homes will charge you a premium and bank on how you won’t shop outside of them.  If a memorial service home asks you not to shop with third parties, it is unlawful, and they can’t charge you extra charges. 

Buying for a final resting place online from Casket Mart is an incredible way to meet your memorial service needs. Our company is a licensed business, and we offer to ship metal caskets everywhere on mainland Canada. You realize that you are getting the best cost.

We also have a direct relationship with casket manufacturers, so there is no center man. 

We know that you want to have an eccentric funeral arrangement to show honour for your loved one with quality metal caskets. Casket Mart provides you with a metal casket in an assortment of shapes, colours, and sizes. You can pick colours between white, blue, or black to mirror your beloved one’s character. Based on the funeral needs, we can customize our metal caskets.

  • Product Description: A sleek 18ga. gasketed oversize metal casket with a grey-silver gradient that has hints of blue when exposed to natural light. This metal fully lockable 83″ x 36″ x 24″ casket comes with a light blue velvet pillow and casket overlay as well as an adjustable bedding system. It also comes with a built-in memory capsule with which a small personal effect, letter, or information about the recently departed can be stored.

Each of our metal casket products is fabricated with an elastic seal. This seal packs up as a gasket that seals the upmost of the casket with the base. Most other casket manufacturers will charge extra for this unique feature. But, every metal casket at Casket Mart contains this gasket. Moreover, the gasket might be necessary while shipping a coffin and body over state lines.

The coat of each brush completed metal casket is either treated with unique coverings or utilize with hardened steel. The cap of the metal caskets will lessen the prone of rust. Indeed, everybody will notice its quality metal caskets. With the top being treated with an extraordinary cover or utilizing stainless steel, you can obtain the quality yet not spending the gobs of cash.

Quality metal caskets are better than any other coffins and improve both in design and structural components. Consider one of the vital components of the casket designs, the colour and painting process. 

Certain metal casket lines are more cost serious. Our mix of homegrown and import coffins is pretty competitive, deliberately explored, and estimated for quality and accessibility.

Visit our metal casket store at Casket Mart. If you want customized coffins for your loved ones, contact us at (519) 532 2008 or email us at for more inquiries.