Casket Store in Ontario

Welcome to CasketMart, where we carry a diverse selection of quality coffins at our casket store in Ontario. As you browse our incredible selection, you’ll notice we carry metal casketswooden caskets, and urns. We hold our collection of funeral products to the highest standard.

At CasketMart, we are a family-oriented business that strives to deliver affordable funeral options when it comes to caring for your recently departed. As a family-owned and -operated business with many years of experience in the industry, we fully understand the grief associated with the loss of a loved one. Our casket store in Ontario is here to provide you with quality urns and caskets for all your funeral needs.

Our products

Capella 120 Keepsake


Sirius 150 Urn


Capella 110 Keepsake


Sirius 140 Urn


Sirius 130 Urn


Sirius 120 Urn


Sirius 110 Urn


capella 100 keepsafe


Sirius 100 Urn


capella 90 keepsafe


Cervino 100 Coffin


alpine 100 casket


Tree Planting Initiatives

Along with honouring those who have already passed away, we also try to preserve the future. With each sale of one of our caskets or urn products, we personally plant a tree as a part of an initiative to keep our planet Earth healthier. The saplings will be planted at one of two times of the year; early spring and late autumn. This is to ensure the best odds for these fledgling trees to survive and start growing.


Your casket store Ontario will be delivered on time whether delivered to a funeral home or another location. You have the choice of using our online checkout or calling us at any time over the phone. (226) 343-6434


Nancy Joyal
Nancy Joyal
Many thanks to Zoltan for his help and patience as I decided on the best urns for my loved one. I appreciated the selection and the quick delivery once I did order. I'm very pleased with Casketmart's quality product and service, and pricing was excellent compared to other vendors of funerial products. I would highly recommend.
Sandra Faye Lemonon
Sandra Faye Lemonon
I order them an urn. I was not expecting that they have great qualities considering they offer it at a low price.
Yusof Macapodi
Yusof Macapodi
Amazing! super worth!
Naim Panotolan
Naim Panotolan
Ok, I have never ordered a casket online, but this things was beautiful....I actually thought I was getting one with a formal rose pattern but got the Knock Out Rose stitch patter, and you know, she LOVED THOSE kind even delivery. I know it sounds weird, but this saved lots of $$, just by pre-ordering..I believe my "Other Mother" would have loved it...