If you are searching for a cremation urns in Ontario, we at CasketMart aim to provide you with a memorial urn that speaks to you on a personal level.

We have a number of different selections such as Sirius, our metal urn series, which features a range of styles including some with meticulously etched designs or those made with simplicity in mind. If you have a more natural cremation urn in mind, you may find that our Vega or Canopus series feature wooden and mineral cremation urns respectively. Our keepsakes, the Capella category, is the ideal way to share your loved one’s memory among family, while our Solis group is a selection of tealight urns, allowing you to ignite a memorial flame in honour of your dearly departed. All of our cremation urns from our keepsakes up to our mineral urns are offered to you with pricing in mind.

For inquiries and concerns about our urns in Ontario, call CasketMart today.