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Image of Introduction to Cremation Urns

Introduction to Cremation Urns

What are Cremation Urns?

If you’re like most people, this is probably the first time you’ve considered what, if anything, you need to know about exactly are the cremation urns. This article will help you to answer your biggest question.

A cremation urn is a vase with a footed pedestal and a typically narrowed neck above a rounded body. The term “urn,” as opposed to “vase” or other terms, generally refers to a vessel’s use rather than its shape or origin.

The term is frequently applied to funerary urns, vessels used in burials to hold cremated ashes or as grave goods, even when they are metal cylinders of purely functional design. Large sculpted vases are often referred to as urns, whether they are kept indoors or outdoors.

A cremation urn is nothing more than a container for cremated remains. The majority are made of wood, ceramic, metal, or plastic. Suppose you do not purchase an urn before receiving your loved one’s ashes from a funeral home. In that case, the cremated remains will typically be returned in an inexpensive bag, wood urn, or metal container.

Most families, especially in Canada, opt not to keep their loved one in the standard urn provided by the funeral home but rather to select or purchase a unique urn from the funeral home or online.

With an increasing number of people opting for cremation over burial in Canada, the idea of keeping a loved one on the mantle is not as common as it once was. Many people choose to memorialize their loved ones in much more creative ways, such as with urns that genuinely represent the deceased.

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What is the Use of Cremation Urns?

A cremation urn’s primary function is to hold cremated ashes. However, depending on the funerary intention, there are numerous options for a secondary role for the urn.

In most cases, displaying is one of the most well-known uses of urns. This is why there are so many options to choose from for beautiful memorial urns. They are typically displayed at the funeral memorials or even to keep at home. So, if you decided to keep your beloved one’s remains, here are the best ideas on where to keep the urns at home.

How to Pick the Size of Urn?

Urns come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size of Urn is important as it matters if the space is enough or not.

The math to convert human weight to ash is 1 to 1. Each 1lb of weight of the deceased equals out to 1cubic inch of ash. So a 150lbs person will have 150 cubic inch of ash.

Where Should a Cremation Urn Be Placed at Home?

If you intend to keep the cremation urn in your home, here are some ideal options to consider:

  • On a mantel or shelf
  • On your side table
  • On your nightstand
  • On your bedroom vanity set
  • In your walk-in closet, on a prominent shelf
  • In your storage closet, drawer, or cubby hole
  • In the basement, garage, or attic
  • In the area where you spend the majority of your time:
  • Near your favourite reading chair coffee table
  • In your TV room end table 
  • In your home desk office
  • In the sewing shelf or craft room.

Final Thoughts

Death is unavoidable, and if you are facing the loss of a family member and are unsure of what urn to purchase, do your research as there are numerous options on the market. It all comes down to how you want your loved one to be remembered and choosing a cremation urn that is appropriate for the person he or she was.

Cremation Urns Store in Canada

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