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How to Choose The Perfect Casket For Your Loved One

How to Choose The Perfect Casket For Your Loved One

A Step By Step Guide

Picture of a Gorgeous Alpine 400 Wooden Casket

Choosing the perfect casket is a deeply personal and emotionally challenging decision. It is an inevitable part of life, yet one that often catches us off guard, leaving us overwhelmed and unsure. To help you navigate this difficult process, we have created the ultimate guide that will take you through each step, providing valuable insights and tips along the way.

In this comprehensive walkthrough, we will address the various aspects you need to consider when selecting a casket. From material choices and design options to budget considerations and personal preferences, we leave no stone unturned. Our guide is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to make an informed decision that pays homage to your loved one’s memory.

Whether you find solace in the elegance of hardwood, the simplicity of metal, or the environmentally friendly options of eco-friendly caskets, we have got you covered. We understand that each person has unique needs and wants, and our guide will assist you in finding the perfect casket that reflects your loved one’s personality and honors their life in the most befitting way.

Join us as we walk you through this essential journey of choosing the perfect casket, providing clarity and peace of mind during this challenging time.

The Importance of Choosing the Perfect Casket

The casket serves as the final resting place for your loved one, making it an essential part of the funeral process. It not only provides a dignified and respectful way to lay your loved one to rest but also acts as a physical representation of their personality and the life they lived. Choosing the perfect casket is a way to honor their memory and create a meaningful tribute.

Different Types of Caskets Available

Caskets come in various types, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. The most common types include wooden caskets, metal caskets, and eco-friendly caskets.

  • Alpine 100 wooden casket

    Wooden Caskets

    (Alpine 100 Casket pictured above)

    Wooden caskets can be elegant and warm, making them a popular choice for many families. They are available in a wide range of woods, including oak, mahogany, cherry, and pine. Each type of wood offers its own distinctive grain pattern and color, allowing you to choose a casket that aligns with your loved one’s taste and style.

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  • Picture of a Gorgeous Denali 500 Casket

    Metal Caskets

    (Denali 500 Casket pictured above)

    Metal caskets, typically made of steel or bronze, offer durability and strength. They come in a variety of finishes, including brushed, polished, and painted, allowing you to customize the appearance to suit your preferences. Metal caskets are often chosen for their sleek and timeless aesthetic.

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  • Picture of a Gorgeous Sinai 100 Wicker Casket

    Eco-Friendly Caskets

    (Sinai 100 Wicker Casket pictured above)

    For those who prioritize environmental sustainability, eco-friendly caskets provide a greener alternative. These caskets are made from biodegradable materials such as bamboo, willow, or cardboard, allowing for a more natural decomposition process. Eco-friendly caskets are a responsible choice for those who wish to minimize their impact on the environment.

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Considerations When Choosing a Casket

When selecting a casket, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.


The choice of material plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of the casket. Consider the durability, aesthetics, and cost of each material option. Keep in mind any cultural or religious traditions that may influence your decision.


Caskets come in various designs, ranging from simple and understated to ornate and elaborate. Consider the style that best reflects your loved one’s personality and the tone of the funeral service. Take into account details such as handles, interior fabric, and decorative accents.


Caskets are available in different sizes to accommodate individuals of varying heights and weights. It is essential to choose a casket that provides a comfortable and dignified resting place for your loved one. Consult with the funeral home or casket provider to ensure the correct size is selected.

Understanding Casket Features and Options

Caskets offer a range of features and options that can enhance their functionality and aesthetics. Familiarize yourself with these features to make an informed decision.

Interior Options

The interior of the casket can be customized to create a personalized and comfortable resting place. Consider options such as different fabric colors, patterns, and materials. Some caskets also offer additional features like memory drawers or photo compartments.

A closeup on the interior of a black metal casket.

Seal and Gasket Options

Caskets may come with a seal and gasket feature, which creates a protective barrier against external elements. This feature can provide peace of mind for families concerned about preserving the casket’s integrity over time.

Two men lower the lid onto a casket.

Personalization Options

Many caskets offer personalization options that allow you to add a personal touch to the final resting place. Consider engravings, custom embroidery, or the addition of personal items to create a unique and meaningful tribute.

Two roses, two candles, a small wooden cross and a picture frame sit on a table.

Budgeting for a Casket

Budgeting for a casket is an essential consideration for many families. The cost of caskets can vary significantly depending on the material, design, and additional features. Understanding average costs and factors that affect pricing will help you make an informed decision.

Average Costs

On average, caskets can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It is crucial to establish a budget and explore options within that range.

Factors Affecting Pricing

Several factors can affect the pricing of caskets. These include the type of material used, the level of craftsmanship, the brand reputation, and any additional features or customization options. Understanding these factors will help you evaluate the value and quality of different casket options. It is also important to note that where you purchase the casket can heavily influence the price. Certain sources, such as funeral homes, may mark them up for a bigger profit.

Where to Buy a Casket

Caskets can be purchased from various sources, each with its own advantages and considerations.

Online Retailers

Online retailers offer a wide range of caskets, often at competitive prices. They provide the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home and allow for easy comparison between different options. They usually offer direct to funeral home shipping as well, so you don’t need to worry about coordinating the pickup or delivery. Be sure to verify the reputation and reliability of the online retailer before making a purchase.

Funeral Homes

Funeral homes typically offer a selection of caskets as part of their services. They provide the convenience of having everything arranged in one place, allowing you to focus on the funeral planning process. However, it is essential to compare prices and options to ensure you are getting the best value as purchasing a casket from a funeral home is often the most expensive method.

Other Options

In addition to funeral homes and online retailers, there are alternative options for purchasing caskets. Some individuals may choose to explore local casket manufacturers or consider second-hand caskets, which can provide cost savings. However, it is crucial to ensure that any second-hand casket meets the necessary regulations and certifications.

Casket Selection for Different Types of Funerals

The type of funeral service you are planning will influence the casket selection. Consider the following guidelines for different types of funerals.

Traditional Funerals

Traditional funerals often include a formal viewing or visitation. In this case, a more ornate and elegant casket may be appropriate to create a dignified and respectful atmosphere.

Three women and 2 men at a funeral, all dressed in black.


For cremation services, caskets specifically designed for cremation are available. These caskets are typically simpler in design and constructed with materials that are suitable for the cremation process.

Green Burials

For those opting for a green burial, eco-friendly caskets made from biodegradable materials are the ideal choice. These caskets allow for a more natural decomposition process.

Picture of a Gorgeous Sinai 200 Wicker Coffin

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Casket for Your Loved One’s Final Resting Place

Choosing the perfect casket is a deeply personal and emotional journey. By considering the various aspects discussed in this guide, you can make an informed decision that honors your loved one’s memory and provides a dignified final resting place. Whether you opt for the elegance of hardwood, the simplicity of metal, or the eco-friendly options of biodegradable materials, remember that the perfect casket is one that reflects your loved one’s personality and pays tribute to their life.

At CasketMart, we offer a wide selection of high-quality caskets for prices well below what you will pay at a funeral home. Use the links below to view our casket selection or contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you.

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Navigating Funeral Planning: A Guide to Making Informed Choices

Navigating Funeral Planning: A Guide to Making Informed Choices

Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming experience, especially during a time of grief and loss. The purpose of this blog post is to provide guidance and support to those who are navigating this challenging process. From understanding your rights as a consumer to considering cost-effective options for caskets and urns, we’ll explore various aspects of funeral planning. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and to provide clarity and comfort in a difficult time.

Here are seven steps we recommend you follow when planning a funeral.

A woman holds a clipboard that reads

1) If Possible, Plan Ahead

Planning is not always possible if the passing of a loved one is sudden. However, if you do have time to prepare, you should use it to plan as much as you can. Talk to your friend or family member about what they would like after their passing. Although it can be a hard conversation to have, it is necessary. Having this discussion beforehand will reduce stress levels when it comes time to plan the funeral.

2) Research, Research, Research

Research potential funeral homes before you commit to using one. Funeral homes have been known to push grieving customers into expensive packages and services that are not required for a successful funeral. We highly recommend watching the investigation that CBC Marketplace did on the funeral home industry. Some methods you can use to research potential funeral homes include:

  • Look for online reviews on platforms like Google or Yelp. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to get a comprehensive view.
  • Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have gone through a similar experience. Personal recommendations can provide valuable insights.
  • Compare prices from different funeral homes. Funeral homes are required by law to provide an itemized price list. Request and compare these lists from different funeral homes to ensure transparency and to get an idea of the overall costs.
  • Visit the funeral home. Schedule visits to potential funeral homes. This allows you to assess the facilities, meet the staff, and ask any questions you may have about their services and pricing.

3) Set a Budget and Stick to it

Remember that a more expensive service or casket does not equate to more respect for the deceased. It’s okay to opt for more affordable options.

When considering your budget for funeral arrangements, a significant factor to consider can be the cost of a casket or urn. At Casket Mart we offer a range of high-quality caskets and urns that rival those available at funeral homes, but at a more affordable price. The reason for this cost efficiency is straightforward: by purchasing from Casket Mart, you avoid the substantial markup often applied by funeral homes. Plus, our direct-to-funeral home shipping service adds convenience to affordability.

4) Bring a Trusted Friend or Family Member When You Go to The Funeral Home

When meeting with funeral home staff, it can be helpful to bring someone who can provide emotional support and help you make clear-headed decisions. Grief can cloud judgment, and having a friend or family member present can help in making more objective decisions. They can provide a different perspective and help you think through your choices more clearly.  They can also help you understand the various packages and options the funeral home has available to help you make a decision that aligns with your budget.

A woman dressed in black stands with her back to the camera. A hand is coming out of the right hand side of the frame to touch her back and comfort her.

5) Keep a Few Things to Yourself

The funeral home does not need to know anything about the size of the estate or any financial information regarding benefit amounts. You should not discuss anything related to this until you have already discussed the price of each product and service they offer.

6) Know Your Rights as a Consumer

Funeral homes and related services in Canada are regulated by provincial and territorial laws, which can vary. For example, in Ontario, the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act (FBCSA) and the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) regulate the industry to help protect consumers. Some key consumer rights under the FBCSA in Ontario include:

  • Licensing Requirements: All cemeteries, crematoriums, funeral homes, and transfer service operators in Ontario must be licensed.
  • Price List Disclosure: Providers are required to give consumers a price list of all supplies and services before a contract is made. They must also disclose any business arrangements that could influence their recommendations, such as commissions or benefits from third parties like florists or caterers.
  • Contract Cancellation and Refunds: Consumers have a 30-day cooling-off period after signing a contract for funeral, cemetery, or crematorium supplies or services, during which they can cancel and receive a full refund. After this period, contract cancellation is still possible but may incur a fee, which cannot exceed 10% of the contract cost or $350.
  • Guaranteed Prepaid Contracts: As of July 1, 2012, prepaid contracts are guaranteed, meaning the provider must supply everything specified in the contract without additional charges, even if prices have risen.
  • Accessibility: Materials from funeral homes, cemeteries, crematoriums, or transfer services must be made available in accessible formats (like large print or audio) at no extra cost if required.
  • Provider Reputation: Consumers have the right to inquire about any disciplinary actions taken against bereavement-related businesses or their employees and to check the status of their licenses
  • Interment Rights: Consumers have rights regarding the purchase and resale of interment or scattering rights. Resale prices are regulated, and transactions often need to go through the cemetery operator.
  • Consumer Protection and High Standards: The FBCSA broadly creates consistent consumer protection and promotes high standards for all licensees and operators in the bereavement sector.

Two other important rights to understand involve embalming and third party caskets and urns.

  • In Canada, embalming is not legally required except in certain circumstances, such as when a body is to be transported over a long distance. Funeral homes should provide information about the circumstances under which embalming is necessary.
  • Funeral homes are legally required to accept caskets and urns from third-party suppliers. This means that you have the freedom to purchase these items from a provider like Casket Mart and have them delivered directly to the funeral home prior to the service.

7) Consult a Funeral Planner

Navigating funeral planning can be complex and emotionally taxing. To ease this process, consider consulting a professional funeral planner like Assured Memorial Services. Their expertise in organizing commemorative events can provide significant financial relief by offering high-quality services at reduced costs. This approach not only ensures a respectful tribute to your loved one but also alleviates the financial burden during a challenging time. For personalized, cost-effective funeral planning, contact Assured Memorial Services. Their commitment to supporting families through these trying moments can be a valuable resource in your journey of remembrance.

Learn More About Assured Memorial Services

To conclude this post, we want to reiterate that this journey, while challenging, can be navigated with dignity and respect for everyone involved. By being informed, knowing your rights and understanding the options available to you, you can create a meaningful tribute to your loved one that aligns with both your emotional needs and financial constraints.

Our thoughts are with you during this time, and we hope this guide has offered some guidance and solace in your planning process. If you are in the process of planning a funeral and are interested in learning more about how Casket Mart can help, use the links below to view our products or contact us.

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Cremation Urns: Things You Need to Know

When considering cremation, an important decision to make is selecting a cremation memorial urn or other tokens of your loved one’s life. There is a wide range of designs, colours, and materials available, as well as custom embellishments, giving you the option of selecting something as unique and special as the individual you represent.

Whether it is a beautifully decorated ceramic urn or a delicately carved wooden vessel, or eco-friendly options, you will find the perfect way to commemorate the life of your loved one. From choosing the suitable urn for you to planning every element of the funeral, we can help you plan every aspect of cremation, including selecting the suitable urn for you.

Full-sized Funeral Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are available in many shapes and sizes. A full-size urn is a traditional way to remember a loved one. These urns contain cremated remains. Most people are familiar with vase-shaped urns, but funeral urns can also be as simple as a box with a lid. The cremation box can be square or rectangular, tall or short. These options are bought with families, and the customization options are numerous, allowing the cremation urn to be as unique as the person it is remembered for.

Types of materials for full-size funeral urns

Urns come in many materials, such as stone, wood, and metal. Let’s look at some popular options:

  • Stone – Since ancient times, stones have been worked for both practical and inspiring elements. A stone urn combines these characteristics, transforming raw material into a work of art. Families can choose from smooth marble, tiger eye (dark in colour), and naturally textured stone.
  • Wood – An urn made of wood provides beauty, strength, and warmth. There is no right or wrong way to do it; it can be as sober or expressive as the person whose memory it honours. Think about a chest made of birch, cherry, or red alder. Some wooden urns canada have beautiful stone inlays or wooden accents that complement the colour of the wood caskets.
  • Metal – Whether burnished to a fine shine or aged with an heirloom look, metal offers long-lasting strength and unique beauty. Designs of all shapes and styles offer selections suitable for any need. Whether it’s a copper urn with cascading red flowers, a nickel-plated urn with blue accents and a dove design, or a discreet, solid, polished piece of pewter or cast bronze urn, your metal urn can represent the personality of your loved one.
  • Glass – Some materials eventually become more beautiful through heat. The crystal urns display graceful movement and graceful beauty and represent a unique way to honour and remember. Consider a hand-blown glass bowl with a gold crown or a beautiful jewel-toned glass urn.
  • Resin – As an ideal example of resilience and beauty, resin-based urns combine manufactured materials with artisanal art. Options include a floral motif in deep indigo or burgundy.
  • Ceramics – Ceramic works have been appreciated throughout history by many cultures. You can use it to commemorate a special life. Whether it’s an understated earth tone or a bold pink, ceramic urns are an excellent way to remember a loved one.
  • Eco-conscious – There is nothing like the beauty of nature. These natural material scatter urns commemorate the serenity of nature and a personal connection to the land, air and sea. Options include medium-density fibreboard urns, salt rock urns, sand urns, or recycled paper and cardboard. Both saline rock and sand urns are intended for aquatic or marine burials and will dissolve in water in a few days to just a few hours.

Many full-size urns allow for maximum customization. You can engrave the funeral urn with names, dates, poems, pictures, Bible verses, or any non-copyrighted writing. A small plane can be engraved on the urn for his uncle, a pilot in his spare time. Or consider recording a birdie for an avid bird watcher. Pots can be as unique as the person it is remembered for.

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Keepsake urns

As part of the healing process, you should remember your loved one. In addition to our full-size urns, you can choose to gift or save a smaller gift with beautiful keepsake urns. These precious little reminders can help provide comfort to families by honouring and remembering a loved one. Choose from unique styles like a wooden acorn or a handmade brass star, rose, or songbird souvenir.

Keepsake Urns: Types and Uses

Keepsake urns can be personalized with names and dates, song lyrics, poems or quotes without copyright. Full-size burial urns come in a variety of materials and shapes. Many of the full-size funeral urns also come in small sizes. Make sure to ask your Casket Mart expert about the options for keepsake sizes.

Materials Used In Keepsake Urns

  • Metal – Families can choose from nickel-plated brass vases, brass with a silver finish, an intricately designed rose, or a polished pewter-finished heart.
  • Stone – Marble or naturally textured stone are both options for a stone keepsake.
  • Wood – Wood keepsakes can come in various shapes, such as a rectangle, a heart or square cremation box, a star, or a wooden acorn.
  • Lamps – Imagine a beautiful stained glass lamp containing the cremated remains of your loved one placed on a small table. Unique options, such as the butterfly and the shape of a traditional lamp, can be an alternative to a traditionally shaped funeral urn.

Alternatives and additions to traditional cremation urns

Dispersion urns and biodegradable urns

The elegant dispersal urns will allow you to reunite your loved one with the natural spaces that he loved. Beautiful urns made from the natural saline rock will dissolve after a few hours in water and can be used for sea burials or water funerals. Our biodegradable urns can also be placed near a tree or flower garden to honour your love of nature. Always check with your local government as there are often restrictions on where dispersals can take place.

Cremation containers

During the funeral planning process for a loved one who has chosen cremation, a cremation urn for use during the funeral or observation. A cremation container is similar to a coffin and allows friends and family to say goodbye during the funeral ceremony, visitation, or observation before the cremation takes place. After the observation or funeral service, the cremation container is transported to the crematorium, where the funeral will occur.

Through keepsakes, be it a small urn or full-sized, you can keep your loved one close at all times with a lasting reminder. Children, grandchildren, spouses, and siblings may appreciate a personal way of remembering their unique relationship.

We are Here To Help.

View our selection and find the best option for you or contact us. You will discover various cremation urns, remembrance keepsakes, and other alternatives to traditional individual urns. Our professionals at Casket Mart are always available to help you personalize an appropriate tribute for you or your loved one.

Five Good Reasons in Choosing Cremation

Cremation has several advantages that burial does not. In the past, families used burial as the standard way of caring for their loved ones’ remains. Burial was how generations of families managed their loved ones, despite the higher cost and lack of versatility.

However, the rate of cremation has increased in recent years. Families are eschewing tradition in favour of the approach that better fits their needs. In several respects, cremation marks a new era in funeral care, with many advantages over conventional burial.

Reason Why You Must Consider Cremation

  1. The simplicity of Cremation Service
    One reason why cremation is safer for many people is the degree of convenience associated with cremation services. When a family buries a loved one, they usually have a funeral service as well. As a result, contacting the cemetery and planning services is more difficult.

After cremation, a remembrance service or celebration of life is usually scheduled. Instead of trying to make funeral plans, your family will have more time to grieve and mourn in the days following your death.

  1. Cemetery Availability for Cremation
    For several centuries, the most common form of disposition for most families was the burial. Cremation is becoming more common as a result of a shortage of space and rising costs. Many cemeteries are now charging a premium for their remaining plots as they reach capacity.

One of the advantages of cremation is that it eliminates the hassle of locating a burial site. There are many cemeteries today that offer scattering gardens, where cremated remains can be scattered and revisited if you want your loved one buried.

  1. Flexibility in Cremation
    One of the most underappreciated advantages of cremation is its adaptability. As before mentioned, after the cremation, a celebration of life or memorial service is often held. Since the ashes have already been cared for, the family will have more options for funeral arrangements.

Families also schedule these services weeks, if not months, after the death has occurred. The ceremony can be tailored to be as meaningful as possible, and you can accommodate loved ones’ schedules and travels as well.

  1. Concerns to the Environment
    Global warming has become a reality and a significant problem for many people in recent years. Cremation is also seen as the more environmentally friendly alternative for caring for a loved one’s remains.

The use of harsh chemicals to embalm the remains is every day in burial facilities, putting the environment at risk. While a crematory does emit emissions, new technology is constantly being developed to reduce pollution and the impact on the environment.

Sirius 100 Urn
  1. Cremation Cost
    One of the most usual reasons why people prefer cremation is the cost. On average, cremation services are up to 50% less expensive than conventional burial services. Cremation eliminates the need for large expenditures such as a headstone and a casket.

Using a basic casket, headstone, and vault keeps your family on a budget, allowing them to use the savings to assist survivors or prepare a more memorable service.

Benefits of Buying Metal Caskets

As worldwide economies merge, understand that top-notch items are being made around the globe. With a focus on banding together with the world’s best manufacturers, we have offered superior quality at prices that remain competitive worldwide. The actual caskets made by Casket Mart are legal and passed the quality testing of the creators.  

A companion or adored one has recently sat back, and you aim to organize a presentable funeral for viewing. It would be best to buy a quality metal casket to let your cherished one go, yet you likewise need reasonable estimating. You may have seen that the memorial service home has given you a separate rundown of coffin alternatives, and the costs appear to be somewhat distant.

Memorial service homes will charge you a premium and bank on how you won’t shop outside of them.  If a memorial service home asks you not to shop with third parties, it is unlawful, and they can’t charge you extra charges. 

Buying for a final resting place online from Casket Mart is an incredible way to meet your memorial service needs. Our company is a licensed business, and we offer to ship metal caskets everywhere on mainland Canada. You realize that you are getting the best cost.

We also have a direct relationship with casket manufacturers, so there is no center man. 

We know that you want to have an eccentric funeral arrangement to show honour for your loved one with quality metal caskets. Casket Mart provides you with a metal casket in an assortment of shapes, colours, and sizes. You can pick colours between white, blue, or black to mirror your beloved one’s character. Based on the funeral needs, we can customize our metal caskets.

  • Product Description: A sleek 18ga. gasketed oversize metal casket with a grey-silver gradient that has hints of blue when exposed to natural light. This metal fully lockable 83″ x 36″ x 24″ casket comes with a light blue velvet pillow and casket overlay as well as an adjustable bedding system. It also comes with a built-in memory capsule with which a small personal effect, letter, or information about the recently departed can be stored.

Each of our metal casket products is fabricated with an elastic seal. This seal packs up as a gasket that seals the upmost of the casket with the base. Most other casket manufacturers will charge extra for this unique feature. But, every metal casket at Casket Mart contains this gasket. Moreover, the gasket might be necessary while shipping a coffin and body over state lines.

The coat of each brush completed metal casket is either treated with unique coverings or utilize with hardened steel. The cap of the metal caskets will lessen the prone of rust. Indeed, everybody will notice its quality metal caskets. With the top being treated with an extraordinary cover or utilizing stainless steel, you can obtain the quality yet not spending the gobs of cash.

Quality metal caskets are better than any other coffins and improve both in design and structural components. Consider one of the vital components of the casket designs, the colour and painting process. 

Certain metal casket lines are more cost serious. Our mix of homegrown and import coffins is pretty competitive, deliberately explored, and estimated for quality and accessibility.

Visit our metal casket store at Casket Mart. If you want customized coffins for your loved ones, contact us at (519) 532 2008 or email us at for more inquiries.

Cremation: How Does It Work? | What is Cremation?

When it comes to caring for the remains of a loved one, families have had the choice of cremation or burial for many years. This is a significant decision often influenced by various factors such as religious or moral values, financial considerations, or environmental awareness. Whatever the cause, deciding how the remains will be cared for is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.

Origin of Cremation

It was mostly used to execute criminals and heretics or react to the fear of spreading infectious diseases. Cremation has become increasingly common in recent years, with more than half of all families opting for it. But, exactly, what is cremation? Below, we go through the cremation procedure and the advantages of cremation and the requirements for a cremation service.

How Does Cremation Work?

Cremation reduces a body to brittle, calcified bones by heating it to extremely high temperatures. In other words, it is a memorial practice where you burn the dead body until these are then turned into cremation ashes, as they are widely called.

These ashes may be preserved, buried, or dispersed after being returned to the family in a temporary urn (or a more personal urn chosen by the family). Some families also want to enshrine a loved one’s cremated remains in a work of cremation art.

The retort or cremating chamber receives the containers. An average adult takes between two and three hours to turn to ash. After cooling, the cremated remains are ground into a uniformly-sized pebble-like material and put in an urn. The cremation process is then completed when the funeral director returns the cremated remains to the family.

Cremation Urns in Canada

We promote open discussion about all end-of-life matters, and we sincerely hope you can contact us to learn more about cremation and burial.

Suppose you need cremation urns or email us to schedule an appointment or ask a question. We have years of experience and look forward to assisting you in determining what is best for you.

Comparing between Metal and Wood Casket – Which one is the best?

Choosing the right casket is one of the oldest traditions in funeral arrangements. Whether a metal or wood casket, you can personalize the funeral service and provide memorable respect for your beloved as part of the funerary needs arrangement.

A very personal decision and an essential element will be involved when organizing and planning a funeral as the main factors in the selection process. In addition to being one of the funeral service’s central points, it can reflect the deceased’s personality and specific tastes as being the vessel for the dead.

You can begin by asking inquiries about each wood and metal casket’s various features, colours, styles, and prices. It reflects the best in particular characteristics of the person whose life you want to honour.

Comparing the Wood and Metal Caskets

Wood vs. Metal Caskets – Lifespan

The composition of material and design make metal caskets longer than wood caskets. In addition to having a thick, rust-resistant shell on the metal caskets, a rubber gasket protects the interior from the elements, reducing the risk of decrease.

In contrast, the wooden casket can also cover lifespan products, but it will decay to the ground after some time.

Wood vs. Metal Caskets – Interior Appearance

The interior with a variety of furnishing, both wood and metal coats. For both types of cases, this category is the same. Any decoration can add to one and the other in most cases. The interior decoration can change the personal preferences and tastes of the client.

Wood vs. Metal Caskets – Prices

Metal and wood caskets have pretty similar prices. However, the material you prefer can make a big difference regardless of Metal or wood. The most precious metals are bronze and copper, while the most expensive wood in the category is mahogany.

Wood vs. Metal Caskets – Exterior Appearance

Wood caskets sound warmer than metal caskets. They’re stylish, and they’re not flashy. Also, wooden caps with different decorations can be adapted.

On the other hand, the metal caskets have a colder appearance. They have a modern and flashy touch. Besides, Metal can be shaped and stamped with different decorations that your loved one would have liked.

Wood vs. Metal Caskets – Environmental impact

If you are worried about your infrastructure and the impact on nature, the wood casket will be the best choice. While the wood has a cover for a longer lifetime, it will still deteriorate and eventually return to the earth.

For metal caskets, this is different, which won’t soon be breaking down. Take note that customer durability is always the point of sale.

Final thoughts about the comparison between metal and wood caskets

Metal and wood caskets can protect your loved one’s deceased body with decorative ornaments, which most people would like to see. Wood caskets are always warmer than the metal models, but the latter still feel modern and nearly austere. Both caskets’ prices are similar, with high-end choices, such as copper, bronze, and mahogany. Moreover, never takes out the environmental aspect when choosing the suitable caskets because it matters in the long term.

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Whether you want a burial or cremation for your loved ones, it is still essential to choose the best casket to have decent and presentable looks for the final viewing. Here is our helpful guide in buying the right casket if you really can’t decide between wood and metal casket. So, don’t hesitate to call Casket Mart at (519) 532 2008 or email us at for further inquiries.

Introduction to Cremation Urns

What are Cremation Urns?

If you’re like most people, this is probably the first time you’ve considered what, if anything, you need to know about exactly are the cremation urns. This article will help you to answer your biggest question.

A cremation urn is a vase with a footed pedestal and a typically narrowed neck above a rounded body. The term “urn,” as opposed to “vase” or other terms, generally refers to a vessel’s use rather than its shape or origin.

The term is frequently applied to funerary urns, vessels used in burials to hold cremated ashes or as grave goods, even when they are metal cylinders of purely functional design. Large sculpted vases are often referred to as urns, whether they are kept indoors or outdoors.

A cremation urn is nothing more than a container for cremated remains. The majority are made of wood, ceramic, metal, or plastic. Suppose you do not purchase an urn before receiving your loved one’s ashes from a funeral home. In that case, the cremated remains will typically be returned in an inexpensive bag, wood urn, or metal container.

Most families, especially in Canada, opt not to keep their loved one in the standard urn provided by the funeral home but rather to select or purchase a unique urn from the funeral home or online.

With an increasing number of people opting for cremation over burial in Canada, the idea of keeping a loved one on the mantle is not as common as it once was. Many people choose to memorialize their loved ones in much more creative ways, such as with urns that genuinely represent the deceased.

Casket Mart offers various sizes and designs for funeral and cremation urns. They offer the lowest rate and with quality in terms of delivering the product around Canada and other parts in the United States.

What is the Use of Cremation Urns?

A cremation urn’s primary function is to hold cremated ashes. However, depending on the funerary intention, there are numerous options for a secondary role for the urn.

In most cases, displaying is one of the most well-known uses of urns. This is why there are so many options to choose from for beautiful memorial urns. They are typically displayed at the funeral memorials or even to keep at home. So, if you decided to keep your beloved one’s remains, here are the best ideas on where to keep the urns at home.

How to Pick the Size of Urn?

Urns come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size of Urn is important as it matters if the space is enough or not.

The math to convert human weight to ash is 1 to 1. Each 1lb of weight of the deceased equals out to 1cubic inch of ash. So a 150lbs person will have 150 cubic inch of ash.

Where Should a Cremation Urn Be Placed at Home?

If you intend to keep the cremation urn in your home, here are some ideal options to consider:

  • On a mantel or shelf
  • On your side table
  • On your nightstand
  • On your bedroom vanity set
  • In your walk-in closet, on a prominent shelf
  • In your storage closet, drawer, or cubby hole
  • In the basement, garage, or attic
  • In the area where you spend the majority of your time:
  • Near your favourite reading chair coffee table
  • In your TV room end table 
  • In your home desk office
  • In the sewing shelf or craft room.

Final Thoughts

Death is unavoidable, and if you are facing the loss of a family member and are unsure of what urn to purchase, do your research as there are numerous options on the market. It all comes down to how you want your loved one to be remembered and choosing a cremation urn that is appropriate for the person he or she was.

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We have been selling cremation urns through our online store for over decades. Our customer service is always to assist anyone choosing cremation as a final disposition method. If you can’t find the answer to your question in this resource, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you with your funeral needs. 

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What Should You Know About Funeral Plans in Canada

It can seem overwhelming to plan a funeral on the death of a loved one. In Ontario, when your dearest person dies, specific steps must be taken before arrangements are made. Here are several things to remember when you arrange funeral plans in Canada.

How to find a funeral service in Canada?

In Ontario, death certificates must be granted to funeral, transfer, and crematory service providers. Regardless of which option you choose, service providers must give you different options and price lists. The Ontario Funeral Service Association website enlists funeral service providers in their localities.

If someone uses funeral services providers, funeral managers may help families arrange complete funeral services. On the other hand, they can still allow setting funerals without a funeral service provider’s help. For general information on funeral plan arrangements, we recommend you consult reliable funeral plan providers in Ontario.

You can help guide you if your arrangements include: the cemetery or the crematorium or alternative disposition operator you can choose either burial, cremation, or alkaline hydrolysis. Families can also apply for cremation or alkaline hydrolysis and body shipment certificates from outside the province directly to the local authorities.

Who can take legal rights to make decisions?

One crucial thing to remember after someone dies, you have to determine who is responsible for making legal decisions on what will happen next to the deceased. The legal representative may act. Those who are eligible to take such decisions include the estate trustee or executor named in the will. A court may also be appointed to an administrator, the spouses, and adult children.

In case off there’s no will, before making any plans, you may want to take legal advice.

How much does the funeral service commonly cost?

The cost of funeral arrangements can vary significantly depending on the type of funeral service providers in Ontario. Typically, their service charges cover:

  • Funeral facility
  • Funeral service
  • Embalming
  • Funeral vehicles
  • Funeral home staffs

In addition to your estimated costs, burial details may add. It will be best to inquire about more than one quotation as much as possible for funeral service plans.

Death registration

Two documents are necessary to get a death registration:

  • Medical death certificate, a form completed by the attending physician or coroner in which the cause of death is described.
  • The death statement, a form completed by the funeral directors and the informant, includes personal data on the deceased person, such as family history, age, and death.

These documents are forwarded to the municipal clerk’s official office, usually where the death occurred in the municipality. Take note that medical/ health research or statistics information collected on causes of death may be used.

Death certificates

A death certificate can be submitted at any time, but not until death is registered. A death certificate may be required to settling an estate, claim insurance benefits, access or cancel some government services such as health care, pension, and family tree research purposes,

Who to notify about the death?

Families and friends will soon hear about the someone’s death special to them, but other individuals should be notified as soon as possible. Some organizations and government levels may be required to inform a loved one if they are already deceased, to claim or cancel certain services and benefits. The following are:

  • The company employer
  • Applied insurance companies
  • Spiritual organizations
  • Doctors
  • Any organizational membership
  • Provincial social services departments

Pros and Cons of Wooden Caskets

Pros and Cons of Wooden Caskets

Planning a simple and modest funeral arrangement for your beloved ones may sound challenging. You need to settle a specific budget for funeral necessities such as candles, flowers, funeral homes, hearse rentals, funeral plots, foods, and beverages for your visitors, and especially for the caskets.

Types of hardwoods used in wood caskets

  • Mahogany hardwoods
  • Oak hardwoods
  • Maple hardwoods
  • Cherry hardwoods

The most ornately carved wooden caskets of their kind are Walnut, Mahogany, and Cherry hardwoods. Oak has acclaimed grain structures and is one of the numerous families’ favorites, while maple wood caskets have a great deal of durable and firm quality.

How long does a wooden casket last?

Time and elements play an essential role in decomposing dead human bodies and caskets as well. If the wooden caskets were placed inside the large concrete burial vaults, it would be estimated to last for 50 to 100 years depending on the hardwood materials used, water-resistant quality, soil condition, and moisture level inside the vaults. On the other hand, wood caskets without burial vaults will probably last a much shorter time.

What is the best type of casket to buy?

The oldest renewable resource known and widely used in funeral homes is wood caskets. Traditionally, it’s the long-standing material used in fabricating caskets. Until this modern generation, people mostly rely on buying wooden caskets rather than metallic ones.

What are the pros of buying wooden caskets?

Aesthetic appeal

Every hand-made reclaimed wooden casket does have its own special sleek design. It is available in various kinds, and its originated wood family species with synthetic tranquility and magnificence. Crepe and velvet are typically the internal fabric of a wood casket. You can fully customize the wood caskets depending on the preferred shape and sizes, usually categorized in common, standard, and premium casket.

Affordability factors

Our wood caskets more expensive? In fact, the comparative usual price of a wooden casket varies according to the specific hardwood type being used to fabricate it. Overall, the costs range between $950 to $1,500. Pine-manufactured caskets are much lower in price, while caskets are more expensive when wood caskets are made of cherry, maple, oak, or walnut.

What are the cons of buying wooden caskets?

Prone to deforestation is a primary concern when it comes to an environmental issue. A lot of trees in forests are being cut for manufacturing wooden caskets is the sole downside. However, most people who really want to purchase wooden caskets view it as not a big deal as the trees were taken down for material used in fabricating wood caskets can be easily planted for replacing the new one.

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